Info Product Alchemy

The ULTIMATE Information Product Model For Savvy Entrepreneurs

"In this program I reveal two hidden strategies, that when brought together ignite what I consider to be the ULTIMATE way to market Information Products ... for hundreds (and often thousands) of pounds ... when everyone 'knows' information is FREE"

If you've been riding the entrepreneurial roundabout for any length of time, especially online, you will probably already be aware of what Information Products are ... & how central they have become to many successful businesses

This is because Information Products are priced & bought based on the value of the content, NOT the delivery media

 - However, there's FRUSTRATION out there

I can FEEL it

The 'Gurus' all seem to chant the same mantras ...

    "Follow Your Passion"

    "Do what you love & the money will follow"

    "Start with what you know"

Ever heard that?

Mmmmm ... if you've tried that & failed to make money, it may well be dawning on you that such advice is usually ... a load of old BOLLOX!

Sorry, but if you aren't delivering what a market wants to buy, you're toast. I don't care if your life long burning passion is for underwater basket weaving, if you take the common advice to build a business around that you WILL continue to be broke


"You do what needs to be done to buy yourself the money & time freedom to follow your passions, not the other way around.  'Doing what needs to be done' requires bringing new values to a marketplace that wants them. You must be Market Driven, not Product Driven"


Let me guess - you're overwhelmed with information, ideas, products, software & often conflicting advice - yet 'other people' seem to get it.

It feels like everyone else is pushing through, bending spoons & making money. You sometimes want to yell at the screen - "I need someone to show me a plan, ABC 123 step by step, that makes immediate sense to me even before I start"

I have such a plan. It's battle tested, evergreen (worked before the internet) and above all logical. If, like me, you are a logical thinker, you want something that you KNOW will work even before you start, and that's important. You are sick of feeling like everything is a punt. This is both logical & based on what you already know about humans


This plan uses Information Products, but with two twists. EVERYONE I have explained this model to, in full, thinks it's simply genius ...


So, If YOU are finally ready to learn the TWO HIDDEN STRATEGIES which, together, truly ignite the income potential of Information Products, this will definitely be the most important & exciting business idea you've come across in the last 5 years!


Here's why ...

My name is David Shillito & I'm from Leeds in the north of the UK

My tribe are NOT people who NEED those exploding volcano's & dancing monkeys just to keep them reading something that will help them make money & improve their lot in life


You will have noticed this page is missing such things. No Hype here. There are no income claims, no easily faked bank or Paypal account screen captures, no pictures of houses or cars or beautiful people with perfect teeth dining at the captains table or playing with a laptop on the beach (Lots of sand & no WiFi = a pretty stupid place to work)


Nor will I be painting 'word pictures' or asking you to 'imagine' what you would do with an extra £1000 a week. I'm sure you know exactly what you would do.

So. What qualifies me to teach you about Information Products?

I am a partner / director of a 36 year old Product Development & Marketing Company. Since 2001 we have also been trading online

(This means if the internet was switched off tomorrow, we would just flip back to what has worked for YEARS. How many people in your inbox can say that?)

Articles about my business chops can be been found on CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, & ABC


Here in the UK I was a guest columnist for the Mirrors 'Biz Bureau' (as was Sir Alan Lord Sugar) & I've also appeared in several other UK newspapers etc etc ...

But that's all just tactical branding

Here's the important 'puddin-scoffin' proof - I've been graced over the years with hundreds of genuine testimonials, from both everyday smart entrepreneurs & a few more recognizable names ...

People like Chris Farrell, Russell Brunson, Armand Morin, Andrew Reynolds, John Carlton, Brendon Burchard, Matt Bacak & Drayton Bird all like my ideas ...

Please, do have a quick look HERE (don't worry, you wont close this page)


... Oh, and when it comes to Information Products, I still practice what I preach. For example ...

I sell a VERY simple evergreen information product for £72. To date, I've sold a quarter of a million pounds worth. Not only do ALL my customers know full well what I sent them only cost me about 30p, they are so delighted with the £72 each deal 12% of them come back within a week & ask for 17 more!

I recently wrote a short (50 page) A5 soft back big font picture book which has so far been snapped up by over 500 people ... ... at £97 a copy

So. If I know how to have legions of happy customers cheerfully paying £72 each for something they know only costs me 30p ... and if I can sell a 50 page booklet all day long for £97 a copy, maybe I can teach YOU a thing or two about making REAL money with Information Products?

Oh, and by the way, neither of those examples above are ...

 The Ultimate Information Product Model For Entrepreneurs I call 'Info Product Alchemy'

Hey, maybe you DO already know about Information Products! Perhaps you've even created them yourself & are already familiar with up sells, cross-sells, funnels, audios, e-books, videos, kindle, etc etc

BUT ... You have NOT yet figured out how to pull all that knowledge together to make some bloody money - so its obviously not JUST about those things is it?


OK, here's the deal ...

Info Product Alchemy is a short 3 module course I've created to mentor you on exactly how this model works. Every couple of days you will receive a module which builds on the one before.

This is the exact same blueprint I share with my private Business Model Makeover™ group & these are strategies I also teach in my 6 month Business Model Mastery™ Program

This page is the ONLY place you can get THIS information at THIS price

Step by step I will reveal the TWO CRITICAL SHIFTS IN THINKING that turn what would otherwise be regular information into ... MONEY

I will show you how to take information that doesn't have to be yours, probably won't be new (could in fact be ancient) isn't by any means exclusive ... and transform it into both an INCOME and a PAYDAY

I teach you how to take the kind of information others struggle to sell for £10 & using my Alchemy, create an income AND a 'big ticket' product that can be sold for £1000... or more 

... and NO this isn't about work in the 'Public Domain'

It's about exactly how to build something you can sell for YEARS. It's a Business Formula, not a tactic. The internet is full of people who HAVE to launch a new 'thing' every month & this is not about that. THIS is a way to get you off the 'feast or famine' roundabout & offering something you can profit from for years to come


Here's what the 3 module course covers ...

  1. The FIRST hidden strategy
  2. The SECOND hidden strategy
  3. The ULTIMATE 'pay-day' model


Please note: This course is NOT full of fluff & filler & big photos to bulk it out. In fact the word count is modest - but that's not the point.

Like any good Information Product, it's the value of the information you are paying for, not the volume

You will receive one module every couple of days & the price for the entire course is £97

There are no up-sells, down sells, cross sells, one time offers or other shenanigans - it's a very simple deal ...

You invest £97 & I explain the exact same blueprint I share with my private Business Model Makeover™ Mastermind group & I also teach in my Business Model Mastery™ Program

It's EXACTLY the same information but at a fraction of the cost others have paid to learn this super-elegant way to make both continuity income AND regular 'paydays' from Information ...

... Information that (probably) won't be yours, probably won't be particularly new & doesn't by any means have to be exclusive (doesn't matter if there are 50 books on Amazon about the same information!)


Is there a Guarantee? Sure. Look, I KNOW this works & has for long before the internet came along. One of my students has done this three times now & he is making €10,000 a month, so I KNOW it works

What I don't know is, will YOU work? So here's my guarantee ... Show me you have followed the instructions & brought a product to market using my elegant '2 Strategy' system without making any money & I will give you your £97 back


Again, I will teach you how to take the kind of information everyone else struggles to sell for £10 & using my Alchemy formula, create an income AND a big ticket product that can be sold for £1000 ... or more 

A few days from now you will either know how to make money with information products forever ... or you won't. Might I suggest such 'knowledge for life' is worth way more than £97?


Frequently Asked Questions ...

Do I need technical skills to make all this work?

No. You don't need previous technical knowledge with this as it's about BIG IDEAS. The world is full of technicians starving for IDEAS. Once you 'get' the ideas (and you need to consume all 3 modules to get the full picture) then if you choose not to do it all yourself, getting others to do what little nuts n bolts there are is easy & costs peanuts

Does this all take many hours to implement?

No. You have to consume the 3 modules of course, but as I said, to get these BIG IDEAS across to you doesn't take pages & pages. You may, however, spend hours in your noggin playing with exciting ways to use this Alchemy


Grab this course today & I will include a very valuable bonus

It's called ...

How To Generate Evergreen Autopilot Self-Funding Local or National HOT Leads ... Forever

... using information products!

Everyone has great stuff to sell but ... they can't find people to sell to!

Countless legions of businesses who offer a great 'thing' or do great work are all desperate for the same thing ... leads. In this special bonus module I walk you through my SYSTEM that not only generates leads for almost any industry, but these leads are ...

Evergreen - This is primarily a STRATEGY not just tactics
Autopilot – No such thing – but this is bloody close
Self-Funding - The lead covers the cost of you selling to them!
Local OR National
HOT – They are FRESH
A System - NOT personality, expertise, age or location dependent

... Oh, and by the way - NOT ONE of these leads is generated online


"Hi Dave - I love this! Talk about perfect timing! I was already in the process of creating my own info products anyway and was at a bit of a crossroads. All of a sudden the way forward has been made clear. What a bolt from the blue. I love the simplicity & yet massive potential! Would just like to say to anybody who's sitting on the fence and thinking about signing up for Info Products Alchemy, stop thinking and sign up! This really is dynamite and yet so simple, puts a whole new spin on everything that you know (or think you know!). Thanks Dave you've really come up with 'Alchemy' ... again" - Rupert Ward

"All I can say is Wow! I would never have thought of this business method in a month of Sundays. It simply can’t fail if you follow the instructions. Finished all three modules and I can really see how someone with a few brain cells could earn a tidy sum every month – even give up work altogether. I have checked numerous extra income courses (avoided the get rich overnight crap ones) and yours stands out, never seen a plan like that. Dave has really proved he can think outside of the box. Worth every penny and then some" - Dave Evans

"What a product! Well worth the investment and the content was precise, to the point, factual and had none of the usual BS we are subjected to with other purchases. I can highly recommend it and can see my way at last! Cheers Dave" - Mark Jones


Stop trying to 'beat a new path' with shiny objects & the internet tactic of the month - learn from someone who knows what works and is prepared to teach YOU

Whatever you decide, I wish you ... adventures!

P.S. Look at the site you are on right now (  This is THE top level domain for the entire Information Products industry. Do you think I would use a $30,000 dollar domain to sell crap?